Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham

Academic and Social Programme

Academic Programme

The Principal Speakers will each give a minicourse of four lectures. The One-Hour Speakers will each give a plenary lecture. Titles can be found on the main page and abstract on the abstract page.

Full Talk Schedule (pdf for download) [Updated (Saturday talks), 8th August]

Abstract Booklet (for all talks including contributed talks) [Updated, 8th August]

Timetable (subject to future updates):

Social Programme

  • Lunches: Lunch is provided on Sunday 6th August and on Saturday 12th August. On the other days, you can buy lunch at a variety of outlets based on campus.
  • Walking Tours: There are a number of options to attend walking tours guided by local PhD students around the area about the University and the city centre. On the Saturday and Sunday, you could use these to find suitable places to eat on an evening.
  • Wine Reception: The wine reception takes place on the evening of Monday 7th August. This is sponsored by Elsevier.
  • Brewery Trip: There will be a trip to a local brewery - Two Towers - on the evening of Tuesday 8th August. Further information on how to book a place on this trip will be announced.
  • Excursions: There is a choice of two excursions on the afternoon of Wednesday 9th August. Delegates can choose to visit either Stratford or Warwick Castle. The registration fee covers either of these trips and includes the cost to enter the Castle for the latter.
  • Conference Dinner: The Conference Dinner takes place on the evening of Thursday 10th August. Payment of registration books a place at the dinner. The dinner takes place on the campus within walking distance of the Maths building.
  • Musical Evening: This takes place on the evening of Friday 11th August. Either take part yourself or come and hear your fellow delegates perform. Drinks can be purchased on campus and brought along to the venue.

Finally: some information about possible places to eat (including maps).