Groups St Andrews 2017 in Birmingham

Arrival: Information about Registration

Information about travelling to Birmingham is found on a separate page.

Registration for the conference will open at 12 noon on Saturday 5th August and closes at 6.30pm. This will take place in the Mathematics Building (Watson Building, R15). This is shown on the following interactive map.

University of Birmingham: Campus map

Registration will include a quick tour of the Maths and Physics buildings where the talks will take place. This will prepare you well for the first day of talks which commence at 9.30am on Sunday 6th August.

For those staying at Chamberlain Hall, a registration desk will also be available there up until 5pm.

Late Arrival: If you arrive to late to come to the Registration desk on Saturday, please go directly to the Halls of Residence where you are staying (if appropriate) and then register the following morning or when you are first at the conference.

Walking tours to the City Centre where you will be able to find food and refreshments will start at about 4pm (Saturday) and will leave from the Watson Building in groups of about 20 delegates.