Groups St Andrews 2013 in St Andrews

Travel and Arrival

Travel to St Andrews on Saturday 3 August


There is a First Scotrail service from Edinburgh Waverley and Edinburgh Haymarket to Leuchars (and also some trains by East Coast and Cross-Country. There are about two trains per hour. Between 14:00 and 18:00 departures from Edinburgh Waverley are at 14:00, 14:27, 15:00, 15:28, 16:00, 16:29, 17:00 and 17:37.

It is most convenient to buy a through ticket to St Andrews which covers the train to Leuchars and the bus to St Andrews.

Bus services from Leuchars Railway Station
From Leuchars railway station to St Andrews it is best to use service 99/99A/99B/99C/99D with destination St Andrews (and NOT Dundee). Between 09:11 and17:51 there is a bus every 10 minutes to St Andrews bus station. Thereafter there is a bus every 15 minutes until 19:20. The service then reduces to half-hourly at xx:20 and xx:50. It is a very short walk from the bus station to McIntosh Hall and a short walk to Agnes Blackadder Hall (formerly New Hall). For maps of St Andrews and the university see the links at the university maps page.


There is a bus service X59 from Edinburgh North St David Street (a temporary replacement for Edinburgh bus station) to St Andrews bus station. Buses leave Edinburgh at 40 minutes past each hour until 18:40 and thereafter at 19:45 and 20:45 with a change required at Glenrothes. Buses take 1 hour 45 minutes to St Andrews. It is a very short walk from the bus station to McIntosh Hall and a short walk to Agnes Blackadder Hall (formerly New Hall).


The most convenient airport for St Andrews is Edinburgh. From the airport take an airport bus (service 100 which runs every 10 minutes) to the city centre. This terminates at Waverley Bridge which is adjacent to Edinburgh (Waverley) rail station and is close to Edinburgh bus station and North St David Street. It also stops at Edinburgh (Haymarket) rail station en route to the city centre. From Edinburgh travel to St Andrews following either the rail option or the bus option from Edinburgh, as above.

The cheapest option from the airport is to take bus Jet 747 (Fife) from Edinburgh Airport to Ferrytoll. Buses leave the airport at xx:00 and xx:30 and arrive in Ferrytoll at xx:20 and xx:50. From Ferrytoll take bus X59 to St Andrews. This departs at xx.13 and takes 1 hour and 12 minutes to reach St Andrews.

A taxi from Edinburgh airport directly to your residence in St Andrews is expensive. Rates are available at the airport.


The university website has the following web page about how to get to St Andrews by road. Ample parking is available at Agnes Blackadder Hall (formerly New Hall). For the Mathematical Institute free parking is available at Petherum Bridge car park. There is some on-street parking at McIntosh Hall but the car parks at Petherum Bridge and Agnes Blackadder Hall (formerly New Hall) may also be used.