Groups St Andrews 2013 in St Andrews

Talks and Abstract Submission


The Principal Speakers will each give a minicourse of four lectures. Please see here for their titles.

The One-Hour Speakers will give a plenary lecture each. Please see here for their titles.

In addition, all attendees have been invited to contribute a 20-minute talk. You can download the full abstracts booklet - note this will not be made available in paper form by the organisers.

The abstracts of accepted talks can also be found here.

Facilities for speakers:

All lecture rooms will be equipped with a laptop and projector and either a blackboard or a whiteboard. It will be possible to use the projector at the same time as the blackboard, although in some rooms it can be tricky to get the light levels right to see both.

In addition, some rooms will have a visualiser (document camera): please let us know if you wish to use a visualiser so that we can schedule you in a suitable room.