Groups St Andrews 2013 in St Andrews

Proceedings of Groups St Andrews 2013

Proceedings of Groups St Andrews 2013:

The format of the Proceedings of Groups St Andrews 2013 will be broadly similar to those of Groups St Andrews 2009. It will principally contain survey articles, both those from the main speakers and those submitted by other conference participants. We welcome the submission of articles from all participants, surveying an area of their expertise.

If you wish to submit an article that is not principally a survey article, please consult the conference organisers first.

The deadline for the submission of papers is 1st July 2013. Please submit them electronically to the conference e-mail address ( Articles will be subjected to a rigorous refereeing process as if for a learned journal, and there will be restricted space available in the proceedings.

All papers must be prepared in LaTeX before submission. The editorial committee will not accept papers that are prepared in other formats. The following file is required for preparation of articles:

This is slightly altered from previous years, primarily to make it easier to produce your article. The file should be placed where LaTeX can find it, the easiest option being to place them in the same directory as your document file.

Your submitted LaTeX file should have the following form:








A simplified sample document is provided giving illustrations of how to use the above two input files. Once processed, it would produce this PDF file.

Please contact the conference organisers, using the conference e-mail address, if you have any questions concerning the preparation of articles for submission.