Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath


This is the timetable of main talks and sessions, with some details of the social programme below. There is also a Draft Timetable of Short Talks.

Week 1 Timetable

  9:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 11-11:30 11:30-12:30 12:30-2 2-3 3-3:30 3:30-4 4-5 5:00-6:00
2nd Aug
Segal 1 Hiss 1 Coffee O'Brien 1 Lunch Parallel Talks Tea Parallel Talks Nekrashevych 1
3rd Aug
Sapir 1 O'Brien 2 Coffee Nekrashevych 2 Lunch Parallel Talks Tea Parallel Talks Segal 2
4th Aug
O'Brien 3 Sapir 2 Coffee Hiss 2 Lunch Parallel Talks Tea Parallel Talks  
5th Aug
Sapir 3 Nekrashevych 3 Coffee Segal 3 Lunch
6th Aug
Nekrashevych 4 Hiss 3 Coffee Deaconescu Lunch Parallel
O'Brien 4 Tea (till 4:30)
7th Aug
Hiss 4 Segal 4 Coffee Holubowski Lunch Parallel Talks Tea Parallel Talks Sapir 4

Week 2 Timetable

  9:00-10:00 10:00-11:00 11-11:30 11:30-12:30 12:30-2 2:00-3:30 3:30-4 4-5 5:00-6:00
10th Aug
B.H.Neumann Day
P.M. Neumann Vaughan-Lee Coffee Praeger Lunch Holubowski;
Tea W. Neumann Baumslag
11th Aug
Cannon & Holt Day
Havas Röver Coffee Conder Lunch Thomas;

Tea Murray;

Leedham-Green (30 mins)
12th Aug
Parallel Talks Coffee Robinson Lunch
13th Aug
Engel Groups Day
Traustason Macedonska Coffee Longobardi Lunch Moravec;
Tea Abdollahi Vaughan-Lee
14th Aug
Parallel Talks Rosenberger Coffee Blackburn Lunch Parallel Talks Tea Fine

Social Programme

  • Tues Aug 4, Week 1 banquet, Cumberwell Gold Club
  • Weds Aug 5, afternoon, Trip to Stonehenge and Salisbury
  • Thu Aug 6, evening race meeting, Racecourse (Cost: 15 pounds, incl. entry; to be confirmed, depending upon sufficient interest)
  • Sun Aug 9, Sight-seeing bus trip in London (Cost: 15 pounds, to be confirmed, depending upon sufficient interest)
  • Tues Aug 11, Week 2 banquet, Bath Racecourse Marquee
  • Weds Aug 12, afternoon, Trip to Stourhead (gardens) and Wells

Main Speakers

  • Gerhard Hiss, "Finite groups of Lie type and their representations" (Week 1; Sun 10, Tue 11:30, Thu 10 & Fri 9)
  • Volodymyr Nekrashevych, "Iterated monodromy groups" (Week 1; Sun 5, Mon 11:30, Wed 10 & Thu 9)
  • Eamonn O'Brien, "Effective algorithmic approaches for linear groups" (Week 1; Sun 11:30, Mon 10, Tue 9 & Thu 3)
  • Dan Segal, "Words and groups" (Week 1; Sun 9, Mon 5, Wed 11:30 & Fri 10)
  • Mark Sapir, "Residually finite groups, random walks and dynamics of polynomial maps over p-adics" (Week 1; Mon 9, Tue 10, Wed 9 & Fri 5)

Plenary Talks

  • Simon Blackburn, "Group theory in cryptography" (Week 2, Fri 11:30)
  • Marian Deaconescu, "Automotives" (Week 1, Thu 11:30)
  • Ben Fine, "One relator groups: A systematic approach" (Week 2, Fri 4)
  • Waldemar Holubowski, "Subgroups of infinite matrices" (Week 1, Fri 11:30)
  • Derek Robinson, "Generalized Baumslag-Solitar groups" (Week 2, Wed 11:30)
  • Gerhard Rosenberger, "Subgroups generated by the solution sets of quadratic equations in group amalgams" (Week 2, Fri 10)

B.H. Neumann Day (Week 2, Monday)

  • Peter Neumann, "Some classic and nearly classic problems on varieties of groups"
  • Michael Vaughan-Lee, "The Hughes Problem"
  • Cheryl Praeger, "Bernhard Neumann: one hundred years"
  • Waldemar Holubowski, "On free groups in the variety generated by a finite group"
  • Francesco Russo, "A different formulation of a result of B.H. Neumann"
  • Luise-Charlotte Kappe, "Finite coverings: a journey through groups, loops, rings and semigroups"
  • Walter Neumann, "Quasi-isometry of 3-manifold groups"
  • Gilbert Baumslag, "Remembering Bernhard Neumann"

Cannon & Holt Day (Week 2, Tuesday)

  • George Havas, "On one-relator quotients of the modular group"
  • Claas Röver, "Languages in group theory"
  • Marston Conder, "Finding normal subgroups of small index in finitely-presented groups"
  • Rick Thomas, "Some generalizations from groups to semigroups"
  • Steve Glasby, "Computing the Frobenius normal form"
  • Scott Murray, "An application of Magma to groups acting on trees"
  • Colva Roney-Dougal, "Maximal subgroups of finite groups"
  • Charles Leedham-Green, "Classifying p-groups"

Engel Groups Day (Week 2, Thursday)

  • Gunnar Traustason, "Engel groups"
  • Olga Macedonska, "On Engel and positive laws"
  • Patricia Longobardi, "Engel conditions on orderable groups and in combinatorial problems"
  • Primoz Moravec, "Schur multipliers of 4-Engel groups"
  • Robert F. Morse, "Levi-properties in groups: The Engel connection"
  • Serena Cicalò, "Constructing n-Engel Lie rings"
  • Alireza Abdollahi, "Engel elements in groups"
  • Michael Vaughan-Lee, "Lie ring methods in Engel groups"

A first draft of parallel talk sessions are now announced.