Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath

Proceedings and Contributed Talks


The Proceedings of the 2009 conference will be published by Cambridge University Press in the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series. The format will be somewhat different from the Proceedings of earlier Groups St Andrews conferences in that it will contain survey articles both by the main speakers and those submitted by other conference participants. We encourage all participants to submit articles surveying their area of expertise. Anyone wishing to submit an article other than a survey article should first consult the conference organisers.

These survey articles, which will be refereed in the usual way, should be submitted electronically, not later than 1 July 2009.

Please see the formatting instructions for submitting survey articles.

If you would like to offer a talk or submit a survey paper, please complete the Talk/Paper form.

For details of the programme, see the Academic and Social Programme.

Talk slides

Some speakers have kindly made their talk slides or notes available via this website.

Some talks have been uploaded to the conference Facebook page. See the Contact Us section for details of how to access this.