Groups St Andrews 2009 in Bath

Accommodation and Food

Accommodation Information

We hope the following advice will be of use. Note that to book conference accommodation you should register via the Registration and Payments page.

Only one type of accommodation remains available (previously offered en-suite "premium" rooms are now all taken) -
Regular: 170.50 per week, discounted to 154 per week for research students and people from less developed countries (in the latter case ONLY by prior arrangement with the organisers).

If leaving after week 1, you must vacate your room on Saturday morning.
If arriving for week 2, the expected arrival day will be Sunday (a conference holiday).
All accommodation rates are subject to availability and now include the 10% surcharge for bookings made after June 12th.

(No further gratuities or taxes are payable on any of the above charges.)

Additional information:
There is no possibility of fitting additional beds into rooms so, except for babies sleeping in carry-cots, you must reserve one room per person, even if that person is very young.

Advice for families and groups of friends: the `Regular' accommodation comes in blocks of about 17 rooms, arranged vertically, with a common kitchen and social area on the ground floor. Families, especially groups of families and friends, may request to share such an accommodation unit and we will try - but cannot guarantee - to facilitate any such request. Send e-mail with the subject line `accommodation request' to the Groups St Andrews 2009 e-mail address or use the comments field on the registration form.

Catering, etc.

The conference banquets will be held on the Tuesdays of each week. If you have specific dietary requirements, please send them to Gunnar Traustasson (

The conference is self-catering - apart from two conference dinners.

The conference bedrooms come associated with kitchens, including cookers, microwave ovens, refridgerators etc. The kitchens will come equipped with a minimal amount of kitchen material to make a simple meal. This should include a pan, pots, glasses, cutlery, mugs, bowl. Notice that each kitchen has a fridge, microwave and kettle. The grocery shop on campus also sells some kitchen items if people want to supplement this.

If visitors are in a position to bring cooking equipment with them, they may find it very useful to do so, thereby extending the range of food preparation options which they will have available.

Conferees will need to make an improvised lunch every day. There is a campus grocery shop where you can purchase bread, cheese, butter, fruit, milk, eggs, cereals, etc. This grocery shop is open 7:30-19:00 on weekdays and 9:00-16:00 on weekends. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to purchase meals on campus. There is a campus coffee shop which sells bacon/sausage rolls in the mornings, and good coffee (by English standards). This coffee shop is open 9:00-16:00 on weekdays.

Note that the University Shop (on the parade) will open early for us at 08:00 on Sunday August 2nd. However, it will be closed all day on Saturday August 1st. Students will lead journeys by public transport to a Bath supermarket at 15:50, 17:50 and 19:50 on Saturday August 1st. Meet at the University bus turn-around.

Similar arrangements will pertain on the middle Sunday of the conference. An announcement about that will follow.

Evening meals can either be improvised in your shared kitchen, or you may wish to take the bus down into Bath and have a pub or restaurant meal. We will supply lists of pubs and restaurants.

Computer Facilities

The conferees (those staying for more than a day) will get a guest computer account. They can use this on the computers in the library. People with laptops will have wireless access in some public spaces around the university (including the library). There is not wireless access in the accommodation, but people can use "ResNet" (at no extra charge) that gives access to the internet from the residences to people with their own laptops. One needs an appropriate ethernet caple for this. Such a cable can be purchased on campus during normal working hours. There is computing shop (BUCS) in the library.