Groups St Andrews 2005

University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland

30 July - 6 August 2005

The website for the next conference in the series, Groups St Andrews 2009 (Bath), is now online.

Some pictures are available at THIS LINK

This conference, the seventh in the series of Groups St Andrews Conferences, will be organised along similar lines to previous events in this series.

Principal Speakers:
Peter J Cameron (Queen Mary, London) Aspects of infinite permutation groups
Rostislav I Grigorchuk (Texas A&M) On self-similarity and branching in group theory
John C Meakin (Nebraska-Lincoln) Interactions between group theory and semigroup theory
Akos Seress (Ohio State) Graphs, automorphisms, and product action

The speakers above have kindly agreed to give short courses of lectures. In addition there will be a programme of one hour invited lectures and short research presentations.

The conference aims to cover all aspects of group theory. The short lecture courses are intended to be accessible to postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and researchers in all areas of group theory.

This is booked at New Hall (a change from the venue announced earlier) and Fife Park, St Andrews Scotland.
Lectures will be held in the Physics Building and Mathematical Institute, St Andrews.

Scientific Organising Committee:
Colin Campbell (St Andrews), Nick Gilbert (Heriot-Watt), Steve Linton (St Andrews), John O'Connor (St Andrews), Edmund Robertson (St Andrews), Nik Ruskuc (St Andrews), Geoff Smith (Bath).

Further information is available at THIS LINK and the (up-dated: 29th July) FINAL ANNOUNCEMENT is at THIS LINK

The timetable is available HERE.
A timetable of short talks is available HERE and titles of the short talks are available HERE.


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