Groups St Andrews 2005


Welcome to Groups St Andrews 2005.

Please read the information carefully. In particular please note, if appropriate, the section on accommodation in St Andrews and the section on rail travel.

A useful map of the University of St Andrews is available at THIS LINK (a pdf file).


The main residence for the conference is New Hall (building 4 on the map).
New Hall is situated close to the Mathematical Institute (building 15 on the map) and the Physics building (building 16 on the map) where the main lectures and seminar sessions will be held. New Hall is the highest quality residence of the University of St Andrews and, like David Russell Hall, all rooms are en suite.

Meal times in New Hall

Breakfast: 7:30 to 9:00 Lunch: 12:30 to 13:15 Dinner 18:30 to 19:15

Some conference participants, who have requested the accommodation, will be housed in Fife Park (building 1 on the map). Although Fife Park provides no meals, people staying in Fife Park may buy meals in New Hall. We ask those Fife Park residents who would wish to eat some meals in New Hall to let us know before the conference so that we can inform New Hall.

Special meals and dietary requirements

We have noted the requests from those who have informed us; anyone else who has not yet done so should please let us know as soon as possible so that we can inform the Residence Manager.


Registration desks will be manned in New Hall and David Russell Hall (for Fife Park) until late in the evening on Saturday 30th July.
Members arriving too late to register at David Russell Hall may go into the lobby and use the internal phone to contact extension 7104 to get admission to their rooms.
Members arriving late at New Hall will find the hall open, but may need to telephone extension 4444 to attract someone's attention.

A registration desk will be manned in the Physics Building at the coffee break from the Sunday onwards for late arrivals and non-residents.


At the time of the conference credit cards may not be used to pay any outstanding money to the Conference. Please pay either by cash or with a cheque drawn on a UK bank.


Lectures and seminars will take place both in the Physics Building and the Mathematical Institute. The Welcome and first lecture will take place in Physics Lecture Theatre A at 9:00 on Sunday 31 July.

The main lecture theatres in Physics and Mathematics are provided with blackboards, an o.h.p., computers and projection facilities. The rooms for splinter group talks will all have black/white boards and an o.h.p. Given advance warning data projection facilities may also be available.


A book exhibition will be held in the foyer of Physics from Sunday 31 August to Saturday 6 August.


The Conference Office is Room 202 in the Mathematical Institute. It will be open Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 17:00.


Mathematical Institute: Telephone +44 (0) 1334 463733 Fax +44 (0) 1334 463748

Fife Park: Telephone +44 (0) 1334 467100 or +44 (0) 1334 467103

New Hall: Telephone +44 (0) 1334 467000 Fax +44 (0) 1334 467001.


The timetable is available HERE.
A timetable of short talks is available HERE and titles of the short talks are available HERE.


The School's PC classroom with 70 machines running Windows will be available to conference members. There will also be facilities for members with their own computers to connect them to wired and wireless networks. Further information will be available on arrival.


Papers to be considered for publication in the Proceedings of the Conference should be sent to the conference e-mail address. These papers should be in the usual house style for Groups St Andrews papers. The instructions and style files to download are at THIS LINK

Travel to St Andrews on Saturday 30 July



A replacement bus service is in operation for part of the route. There is a First Scotrail service from Edinburgh Waverley and Edinburgh Haymarket about once an hour together with some GNER and Virgin trains. Scotrail trains operate from Edinburgh and Haymarket to Dalmeny and from Inverkeithing to Leuchars, the rail station for St Andrews. There is a replacement bus between Dalmeny and Inverkeithing. GNER and Virgin operate direct buses from Edinburgh Waverley and Edinburgh Haymarket to Leuchars. Sample times for Saturday 30 July are:

Edinburgh dep 12:00 Haymarket dep 12:04 Leuchars arr 13:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 13:00 Haymarket dep 13:04 Leuchars arr 14:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 14:00 Haymarket dep 14:04 Leuchars arr 15:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 15:15 Leuchars arr 16:45 GNER

Edinburgh dep 16:00 Haymarket dep 16:04 Leuchars arr 17:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 17:00 Haymarket dep 17:04 Leuchars arr 18:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 18:45 Leuchars arr 20:15 GNER

Edinburgh dep 19:30 Haymarket dep 19:36 Leuchars arr 20:36 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 20:00 Haymarket dep 20:04 Leuchars arr 21:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 20:45 Leuchars arr 22:15 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 21:00 Haymarket dep 21:04 Leuchars arr 22:59 Scotrail

Edinburgh dep 22:00 Haymarket dep 22:04 Leuchars arr 23:59 Scotrail

You may wish to check the Railtrack web-site

Bus Services from Leuchars Railway Station.

This is an approximate guide to bus services on the afternoon of Saturday 30 July.


Ask to be put off the bus at the Old Course Hotel bus stop at Andrews (within a few hundred yards of New Hall).

From Leuchars at 16, 36 and 56 minutes past each hour (until 18:56). Services 99, 99A and 99B.
Also 17:19, 18:45, 19:45, 20:45, 21:45, 22:45 and 23:53. Services 94 and 94A.
These services continue to St Andrews bus station from where it is still only a short walk to New Hall (or take a taxi from the bus station).


Ask for David Russell Hall.

The buses at 36 and 56 minutes past each hour continue from St Andrews bus station to David Russell Hall (until 17:56).

There is also a bus from Leuchars at 59 minutes past each hour until 16:59. Service 94.

Fife Park is about about a twenty minute walk from the bus station.

If all this is too complicated take a taxi directly to New Hall or David Russell Hall (for Fife Park). Taxis cost about 9 GBP so share if possible.


There is a bus service X60 from Edinburgh bus station to St Andrews bus station. Buses leave Edinburgh at 40 minutes past each hour until 16:40 and thereafter at 17:20 and 18:20. They take 2 hours 10 minutes to St Andrews. It is a short walk from the bus station to New Hall and about a twenty minute walk to Fife Park.


The most convenient airport for St Andrews is Edinburgh. From the airport take an airport bus to the city centre. This terminates at Waverley Bridge which is adjacent to Edinburgh (Waverley) rail station and is close to Edinburgh bus station. It also stops at Edinburgh (Haymarket) station en route to the city centre. From Edinburgh travel to St Andrews following either the rail option or the bus option, as above. Since the Forth Rail Bridge is closed you may wish to use the bus option on this occasion. A taxi from Edinburgh Airport directly to your residence in St Andrews will cost about 60 GBP. Rates are available at the airport.


The map at THIS LINK shows how to get to St Andrews by road.
Ample parking is available at New Hall.


Monday 1 August:
We will take a photograph of participants at 13:45. Members will be given access to a copy so that they can print it off if they wish.

Whisky tasting evening (free of charge).
Check out Scotland's national drink in Lower College Hall at 20:00. This will be a social occasion to be enjoyed by all, including non-drinkers.

Wednesday 3 August:
Bus trip to Glamis Castle.
Coaches will leave New Hall at 14:00 for Glamis Castle which is situated north of Dundee and across the River Tay. Free guided tours of the castle will be provided. The castle, weather permitting, has good views of the Grampians which are hills on the edge of the Scottish Highlands. Glamis Castle was at one time the home of Queen Elizabeth, mother of the present Queen, Queen Elizabeth. Buses will return to St Andrews by 18:00.

As an alternative to the bus trip two colleagues will lead a walk along the coast to the east of St Andrews.

Wednesday 3 August:
Gala Dinner.
This will be held in David Russell Hall at 19:30 for 20:00.
This is included in the charges for all adult residents staying in New Hall and also for those staying in Fife Park who have paid the additional 12GBP charge.
Any other residents of Fife Park or non-resident conference members may purchase a ticket via the web site for 12GBP.