Groups St Andrews 2005

University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland

30 July - 6 August 2005


The conference is sponsored by the London Mathematical Society and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and is being organised by the University of St Andrews.

It will be held at St Andrews from

Saturday 30 July 2005 (arrival day) to Saturday 6 August 2005 (departure day).

Note: It will be possible to stay for a few days beyond the departure day. Daily rates will apply.

During the conference the following speakers will each give a course of four lectures:

Peter J Cameron (Queen Mary, London) Aspects of infinite permutation groups
Rostislav I Grigorchuk (Texas A&M) On self-similarity and branching in group theory
John C Meakin (Nebraska-Lincoln) Interactions between group theory and semigroup theory
Akos Seress (Ohio State) Graphs, automorphisms, and product action

There will also be a programme of short talks and seminars by conference participants. All lectures and seminars will take place in the Mathematical Institute or the adjacent Physics Building.

The Proceedings of the Conference will be published by Cambridge University Press in the London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series. As well as articles by the main speakers, the Proceedings will contain survey articles and some research papers submitted by other conference participants.
These survey and research papers, which will be refereed in the usual way, should be submitted to the address below, or electronically, not later than 1 July 2005.

The fees are as follows:

Registration fee : GBP 110 (reduced to GBP 85 if paid before 1 May 2005)

Accommodation Rates:

A. New Hall (Full Board, en suite)

Accommodation (full board): 490
Partner sharing double bedroom: 290
Partner in single room: 400
Child aged 11-16: 275
Child aged 6-10: 185
Child aged 1-5: 90

B. Fife Park (Self-catering):

GBP 75
(This special subsidised rate is only available for research students, those from low income countries and other special cases. Please contact the organisers if you think you may be eligible.)

There is a gala dinner for the conference and the cost is included only for adults staying in David Russell Hall. Residents of Fife Park may purchased gala dinner tickets at a subsidised price of 12 GBP.

Note that David Russell Hall provides the bar and is the main social focus for the conference, but Fife Park is adjacent.
Child care facilities will be available. Contact us for details.
Please note that the University of St Andrews has a No Smoking policy.

The registration fee (which is also payable by non-residents) is payable at the same time as the accommodation. It covers tea, coffee and certain social events.
It also includes the Conference Proceedings to be published by Cambridge University Press.

The Full Board accommodation rate includes full Scottish breakfast, lunch and dinner.
No further gratuities or taxes are payable on any of the above charges.
Further information including details of travel to St Andrews will be sent to members prior to the conference.
There will be an attractive social programme to give all participants and accompanying persons the "St Andrews experience".

A list of those hoping to attend is at: THIS LINK

You may have your name added to this list by completing the form at THIS LINK

Payment of the registration fee and accommodation charge may be made by credit card (Access, Mastercard, Visa only).

The conference organisers would appreciate early registration.

What to do:

  1. As soon as possible register your interest (either by email or at THIS LINK).
    If you wish to stay in Fife Park and believe you are eligible for the subsidised accommodation let us know and we will confirm.
    If you wish to attend the conference as a non-resident please inform us and we will let you know the appropriate charges.

    To stay extra days let us know (a) the number of days and whether (b1) Bed and Breakfast, or (b2) Dinner + B&B or (b3) Full Board and we will give a quotation.

  2. Send the Registration Form either by
    (a) emailing to or
    (b) complete the web Registration form at THIS LINK or
    (c) post a copy of the Registration form you can print off from THIS LINK to the Conference Address given below.

  3. Send the appropriate Registration fee and accommodation fee (before 1 May 2005 for reduced rate) either by
    (a) sending a cheque drawn on a British bank to the Conference Address given below or
    (b) by credit card or debit card via the web page at THIS LINK

  4. Complete the Talk/Paper form at THIS LINK
    or post a copy of the form you can print off from THIS LINK
    or send the information by e-mail.
    It should arrive by 31 May 2005.

Conference address:

Groups St Andrews 2005
Mathematical Institute
North Haugh
St Andrews
Fife KY16 9SS

Fax: +44 (0)1334 463748
Telephone: +44 (0)1334 463739